Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Who's reading "Overcoming the Average Principle"?

Four well known internet marketers now have a copy of "Overcoming the Average Principle"!
Of course I am excited but more importantly, I want you to read it so YOU can start on the road to making choices that bring dynamic exchange. What is it? Dynamic Exchange is anything you choose that brings you an extraordinary return on your exchange. If you swing a baseball bat for four million a year, great! If you have a new system for reducing your energy (labor) at work and increasing your time (ability), thus increasing your productivity, great!
Dynamic Exchange is a way or system that you choose FIRST and then applied will return greater results for your choice.
The great thing is that it has to produce for you. Why? Because the choice is "pre-thought-out" and then applied so you know ahead of time what your results will bring ( most probable) based on systems that have returned great results before. If we choose to be dynamic what will keep us from doing it?
Ah, now that is the real question. The truth is "nothing" can keep you from the "dynamic" of life but you and the choice you don't choose to make!
Tell me your thoughts!

See it, believe it, be it do it!
Dave Lucas