Thursday, January 19, 2006

Dynamic Exchange is exciting!

That's right! Once you make the decision to get on YOUR road to YOUR success, YOUR life will start to change! It will change and that IS dynamic, that offers YOU opportunity and growth. Most people see life as happening to them and they do not understand WHY. Sometimes the bad things and the bad people that can cause you to go another way, is actually for your good! We have to WANT to have more, be more and not be like those who cause problems everywhere they go and with everything they say. I digress. Sometimes life just stops in several areas and seems to dry up. This too is a way of LIFE, creating opportunity for you to CHOOSE something NEW. I say NEW because if we see the changes as doom then we will miss the opportunity that awaits us. Yes not knowing is sometimes hard. The familiar is what MOST PEOPLE do, right The same routine, the same job. It provides safety, security but is seldom in your control and seldom does the security not one day come with a price. You see to conserve means that you EXPECT there to not be enough...ONE DAY! And when that one day comes for the one who is holding YOUR security, guess what? You get laid off, let go, fired or worse threatened and called a big loser, the blame for it all etc.etc. But the truth is you are going upward,higher and better-with risk. OR you are going nowhere, staying the same and getting worse-with what you think is security. No we shouldn't gamble. But we shouldn't live, can you even really live, without ad-venturing forward towards a goal! Well? What about you? DO YOU WANT MORE? If you do then risk something and quit blaming everyone for your unsecure demise. You make the call, you call the shots, win big or win small, you don't lose when you choose, what is BEST and BETTER for you! Tell me what you think!
Dave Lucas

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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Who's reading "Overcoming the Average Principle"?

Four well known internet marketers now have a copy of "Overcoming the Average Principle"!
Of course I am excited but more importantly, I want you to read it so YOU can start on the road to making choices that bring dynamic exchange. What is it? Dynamic Exchange is anything you choose that brings you an extraordinary return on your exchange. If you swing a baseball bat for four million a year, great! If you have a new system for reducing your energy (labor) at work and increasing your time (ability), thus increasing your productivity, great!
Dynamic Exchange is a way or system that you choose FIRST and then applied will return greater results for your choice.
The great thing is that it has to produce for you. Why? Because the choice is "pre-thought-out" and then applied so you know ahead of time what your results will bring ( most probable) based on systems that have returned great results before. If we choose to be dynamic what will keep us from doing it?
Ah, now that is the real question. The truth is "nothing" can keep you from the "dynamic" of life but you and the choice you don't choose to make!
Tell me your thoughts!

See it, believe it, be it do it!
Dave Lucas

Thursday, September 15, 2005

E-book format

Book available for all formats! For ordering the ebook click the paypal to pay with credit card or send money order to address below. Thanks for all of the support and orders!

David Lucas

See it, Believe it, Be it, Do it!

Sunday, September 04, 2005

Book Release & Website up!

My new Ebook, "Overcoming the Average Principle" is finally released in pdf or doc formats.
You can order it via the webite,( temporary location) which is

It is exciting to know that peoples lives are going to be changed!

If you are a author and are looking to market your book or ebook, email me for more info on co-venturing for your success!

Back with more soon...remember,
See it, Believe it, Be it And Do it!